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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Population Volcano of Bihar

Population Volcano of Bihar

Bihar is sitting on population volcano with total population reaching 10 crore. Taken into account total electoral 5,50,46,093 in population above 18 years is a serious concern for human development. Employment for almost half of the population, feeding children and aged, women and checking malnutrition, mortality is an herculean task for any Government.

Economic sources are so limited that even exploited fully may not reach out to such a vast humanity. Agriculture with low productivity & Industrialization at its nadir are going to give sleepless nights to the government and concerned Biharis whose vision is a Developed & prosperous Bihar. Nevertheless, it has to be achieved at any cost.

High production in agriculture is to be achieved by employing a combination of tradition and modern technology. Irrigation, large, medium & minor, and water harvesting should be given special thrust with a big budget allocation. Without which agricultural production can not be enhanced. Crops requiring less irrigation is an essential research project. Land reforms, providing 10 acre with irrigation facility to each family dependent on agriculture is vital to achieve high productivity. Direct subsidy and interest free loan to small & marginalized farmers are some of the measures. Techniques of Integrated farming imported by expert to small farmers can be helpful in uplifting them.

Agro-based Industry using surplus production in every village should be mandatory in budget provision. Training school providing training to tough in manufacture of agriculture implements should be established at Panchayat level.

Animal husbandry & Fisheries are good sources of income. As a part of integrated farm training every small & marginal farmer must be compulsorily trained & monetarily supported to produce milk, eggs and fish. This should be done not on pick and choose basis but on uniform basis.

Cultivation of Sugarcane should be encouraged not at the cost of food crops. Sugarcane based industries & sugar mills and expansion of capacity of the functional sugar factories should ensure that local youths are employed in large number.

Food processing sector envisages huge investment and can generate employment.

Handloom sector which used to employ youth earlier should be given extra impetus It should be ensured that products are sold.

Human resources & National resources, remittances are to be used in a judicious manner to achieve prosperity with justice for all.

Establishment of small & Heavy industry in auto, electronic & Power sector can utilize skilled potential of youth working in other states at their lives' risk.

Service sector invites heavy investment. It has potential to employ skilled semi skilled and unskilled human force. Bihar has a very rich history. So many historical places developed into tourist centres and hereby generate employment.

Above all, Bihar can become hub of Education institutions. It has be education centre since ancient times. In modern times, Patna University, more than a century old has produced world class intellectuals. Time is to reinnorate its past glory. Apart from reviving old institutions, many more technical institutes of world class can be established. Brain-drain will stop.

Infrastructure development of high quality, without which progress in other sectors is rent to impossible. Roads, bridges, school building, hospital buildings etc godowns for storage of food grains etc are established all over Bihar. Budget allocation for this sector should be very high. Besides it should be enseuced that quality is maintained. More ad more men power should be utilized in construction.

Another very valuable sector for employment generation is income is non-conventional source of energy. Human waste & bio waste are available in plenty. Research centre at district level should be established. Non-conditional energy unit from human & bio waste in every city is very useful in employing unskilled work force cleanliness. It requires special emphasis.

Environmental friendly industry is another option for employment generation & pollution free atmosphere.

Bihar should develop Human Development Report. On the basis of the HDR data analysis and recommendations, the state government should a correct human development strategy.

To prevent Bihar's population volcano from eruption full enploitation of  human resources is to be ensured through labour intensire industries, governmen and concurred Biharies irrespective of Political belief must coordinate in harmony, then only a peaceful, beautiful, prosperous and developed Bihar will energy.

- Sanjay Kr. Singh

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